rsz_1jillian_casper_1466007477-132Pups Home Care PET SITTER OF THE WEEK!  Jillian can host hypoallergenic dogs, such as Poodles, Maltese, etc.,  in her home, or make daily trips to your home for Pet Sitting or Dog walking.  Jillian is in Morrison but very close to Conifer ( Hilldale Pines).

Here you can read a great review:

The host for my very spoiled fur baby was Jillian.  I was worried about  being separated from Boo but Jillian brought her family to my house to meet Boo and me.  What a delightful group.  They got acquainted and played for a while and then we thought it to be a good idea for Boo to go to their environment.  We did the visit and her dog and Boo and the kids got along great.  When I dropped Boo off she ran up the stairs like she was at home.  I got reports from Jillian which made my vacation so much more enjoyable.  I would recommend this service to anyone looking for a sitter.  If 10 is the highest they get a 15+.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

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